JAN 20, 2019
14:54:43 PM
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The Long Island Platform Tennis Association (LIPTA) is a non-profit organization chartered in 1976 for the purpose of promoting the game of platform tennis on Long Island. Currently, LIPTA runs regional and national tournaments. These include:
Long Island Men's A & B & C Championships
Long Island Men's "Duane Hayden" Invitational Championship
Long Island Women's Invitational Championship
Long Island Mixed Championship
The operation of the North Shore Men's League, conceived in 1978, was assumed by LIPTA in 1981 because the success of the League had outstripped the resources of the original founders. The League has continued to flourish and new divisions, clubs and municipalities have been added as the demand grew. Currently, there are 16 clubs and municipalities sponsoring 60 teams in 7 divisions. Each team sends 12 players to compete in six matches each Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. Total membership exceeds 1,000 men.
LIPTA has also been in the forefront of cooperation with the American Platform Tennis Association, the governing body of the sport. In addition to conducting the Long Island Invitational, a men's national ranking tournament, for many years, LIPTA has also taken responsibility for a number of National Championship tournaments. Most recently, LIPTA conducted the 2012 Men's and Women's National Championships, hosting over 300 players from 20 states and Canadian provinces and raising $15,000 for Long Island charities and will be hosting the National Championships in 2022.

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